We were founded in 2008 in  Sacramento, California on a dedication to find the most efficient & reliable ways to transport goods on the West Coast. Now we do it across all 50 states,  Canada and Mexico  ! We give you options and capacity when other carriers can’t.

When you ship with Pac-Ex you can expect the following:

Responsiveness – In today’s business environment we know that it’s critical to be available when you need us that’s why we’re available 24hours a day, 7days a week.

Reliability – We know that reliability is the name of the game in transportation and logistics. We are constantly monitoring our drivers, carriers and owner operations for performance to ensure shipments arrive on time.

Resilience – We are extremely flexible and creative in our problem solving. You can have the peace of mind that Pac-Ex will do everything within our power to make things go smoothly…WE GET IT DONE.

Relationships – We view all of our relationships as partnerships. We realize that successful transportation networks are those that are governed by win-win solutions based upon mutual respect and trust.


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